quinta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2010

Strange kind of Love

In that night
In that magic night
Happiness was all that I felt
The Moon staring at me
Lightning my way
The stars
The breeze, the cold breeze
Embraced me
And kept me awake
I looked up to the sky and I saw your smile
I have never been so close to you
I didn’t want to come back
That makes me feel sad
I didn’t want to wake up
That’s when my dream broke up
I was afraid of loosing you
But then I looked down and I felt happy again
My friends were waiting for me
And for the first time I faced the reality without fear
All of that disappeared
Then I missed you again
But I realized that the only way of having you was letting you go

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  1. Um pequeno Tributo ao Peter Murphy, Banksy, "Brida" - Paulo Coelho e ao Amor impossível…